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DrSocial® is the world's most advanced site for medical reviews, enabling patients to plan and obtain the perfect medical visit. DrSocial offers advice from real patients.

The founder, Dr. Niccolò Trentanove, was perusing the internet in 2011 to find a pediatrician for his children. He wanted to find a caregiver who was: (1) a physician with highly regarded credentials; (2) an expert in his children’s specific medical conditions; (3) a pediatrician who provided excellent outcomes according to both patients and the clinic; and (4) the doctor had to be kind.

Dr. Trentanove identified that none of the websites provided him with enough information to entrust his child’s health to the physicians with the expectation of excellent treatment. In addition, he noted a high prevalnce of significant bias in the physician evaluations.

Dr. Trentanove envisioned a website that would amalgamate all of the aforementioned components, permitting planning of the perfect doctor visit. He envisioned a community where patients are able to find doctors and read high-quality, descriptive information about them. Dr. Trentanove envisioned that this website,, would fund and improve healthcare while facilitating the excellent provision of it. has been founded on the principles of improving the doctor-patient relationship and helping find cures and better treatments for diseases.

At DrSocial, our mission is to: (1) Help patients plan the perfect physician visit and ultimately improve patient outcomes as measured by multiple domains across multiple specialties. (2) Improve the patient-physician experience through improved coordination of care. This will begin before the doctor visit and continue after the visit. (3) Create a sustainable healthcare environment with aims to help find a cure and better treatments for diseases. Create a sustainable healthcare system by funding medical research.

Detailed info on find a doctor ratings can be found on the main website.