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A number of years ago, Sam and Jose Oliva created an thought for a new sort of cigar, one that centers on the reality that cigar smokers say that the "sweet spot" of a cigar occurs at the three ½ to four inch point. Emerging from this information about what smokers consider to be the taste apex of a cigar, the Oliva's developed a cigar that is no much more than 4 inches long and deemed their novel product "NUB cigars." Because the cigar smoker can commence smoking their NUB directly at the sweet spot, they have turn out to be instantaneously well-known and are now 1 of the leading-promoting cigars in the industry. In addition, the NUB possesses a large ring gauge which permits ash to stay dense, some thing that insulates the NUB and retains a refreshing, cool taste as the cigar is smoked. The flavor of a NUB covers a mellow to robust variety and comes wrapped in three various wrappers: Connecticut, Habano and Cameroon.

Gold Cigars For those special occasions when you want to celebrate with a cigar but the average cigar just won't do, now there is the Midas Touch, a genuine cigar which is plated in 24 karat gold! This rolled cigar is six inches extended, ½ inches wide and comes in a plush velvet gift box. Initially plated in copper, then nickel and finally 24 karat gold or silver, it expenses about $20 and is ideal for those special occasions or just as a distinctive conversation piece. These cigars are obtainable to buy on the internet at numerous cigar shop web sites.

ACID Liquid Cigars

Rolled using incredibly potent blends of ripe black tobaccos, these cigars are decorated with fiery red bands that act like red flags to the unaware cigar smoker who has not prepared himself for 1 of the most intense tobacco experiences he might ever have. Cigar connoisseurs claim that smoking 1 of these ACID cigars is utter paradise simply because of its aroma and taste overkill but for those who are unprepared, it might take some getting employed to. Underneath the fire and brimstone flavors is a hint of nuttiness that smokers compare to cashews.

Each year, new cigars are introduced with flavors created from distinct blends and exotic tobaccos. Nevertheless, whilst cigar lovers dote on their preferred brands, they also welcome the encounter of trying a new cigar.

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